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Salon News | Salon on Automotive Industry Supply Chain Decarbonization Successfully Held

On the afternoon of February 21, 2023, Agora Verkehrswende, the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), and the China Clean Transportation Partnership (CCTP) jointly hosted a salon seminar on reducing carbon emissions in the automotive industry supply chain. Nearly 50 experts, scholars, and industry practitioners from 17 institutions participated in the seminar and had lively discussions on topics such as how to promote decarbonization of enterprises and products in the Chinese and German automotive industries' supply chains, the development of carbon reduction in the two countries' electric vehicle industries' supply chains, key links in carbon reduction, and how Sino-German cooperation can ensure the safety and sustainability of the automotive industry supply chain.

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Salon News丨Zero Emission Transport in the EU,US and China: Dynamics and Perspectives under New Context

On October 17 and 19, 2022, CCTP successfully held the 20th workshop. Experts, scholars, and industry practitioners from home and abroad were invited to discuss on topics such as the policies related to carbon neutrality in transportation, the impacts of changes in the international situation on the process of achieving net-zero transportation and how to deepen international cooperations.

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Salon News丨Challenges and Solutions for Zero-emission Road Freight

On the afternoon of September 5, 2022, CCTP together with the Zero Emission Freight Initiative (ZEFI) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), successfully organized the 19th workshop to discuss the application of new energy vehicles in China's urban logistics, the overview of China’s zero-emission heavy truck market and the demonstration project of hydrogen fuel cell container heavy truck transportation.

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Director, State Key Laboratory of Vehicle Pollution Control and Simulation for Environmental Protection

Zhihuan FU

Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Huimin GONG

Senior Program Director, Transportation, Energy Foundation China

Jifu GUO

Director, Beijing Transport Institute

Minggao OUYANG

Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering; Professor, Tsinghua University

Jinnan WANG

Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering; Director, Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning

Zhongying WANG

Director, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission

Zhixin WU

Deputy General Manager, China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co. Ltd

Jinhua ZHANG

Executive Vice President and Secretary General, China Society of Automotive Engineers

Feng AN

Founder and Executive Director, Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation; Executive Director, China Clean Transportation Partnership

Xiaohua DING

Former Deputy Director, Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting Monitoring and Research Center


China Director, Clean Air Asia

Huan LIU

Professor, Tsinghua University

Ying LIU

Chief Engineer, Beijing Transport Institute


Chief Expert, Deputy Director of China Automotive Strategy and Policy Research Center, China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Haode LIU

Deputy Director, Research Center for Urban Transportation and Rail Transit, China Academy of Transportation Sciences

Hang YIN

Deputy Director, Vehicle Emission Control Center, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

Lijin ZHAO

Assistant to Secretary General and Director of Automotive Electrification Research Center, China Society of Automotive Engineers


Director, Zero Carbon Transportation Research Center, Institute for Carbon Neutrality, Tsinghua University;Director of Executive Committee, China Clean Transportation Partnership



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